Useful links on various subjects.
Web sites for trail development that are a bit unusual.
  • A few years ago, Jim Schmid, formerly of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Toursim, compiled a list of trail quotes and put them into a book. That book titled, TRAIL QUOTES--from ADVOCACY to Wilderness, is now online for all to enjoy. It has hundreds of great quotes on a variety of trail subjects from a number of famous and not so famous people. 
  • Dan Burden, one of the leaders in the realm of building communities worth living in, has set up a huge database of pictures related to pedestrian and bicycling issues. The are are found at this site.
  • I recently set up a web cam at our house that focuses on the trail adjacent to us. In addition to the camera, the site also contains a slew of information about trail user surveys and how to estimate the number of users you can expect on your trail. Go to
  • Here's a site in Massachusetts that has access to nearly all the studies ever done about rail trails in the U.S.  Very valuable site.